Life Development Courses

The Marriage Course

This is an 8 week DVD based course for married couples who want to invest some time into their relationship.

Run twice a year, it covers a new topic each week including:

  • Building strong foundations
  • Communication
  • Resolving conflict
  • The power of forgiveness
  • The impact of family-past & present
  • Good sex
  • Love in action

We serve coffee & cafe style desserts and have candlelight, flowers & comfy sofas. There is no group discussion.

The Marriage Preparation Course

A 6 week course designed for engaged couples to start married life on a good foundation, having the focus on the marriage relationship, not just the wedding day.

It helps couples get in the practice of communicating well & setting time for each other from the start.

Similar setting as for The Marriage Course with desserts & coffee etc.

Freed Up from Debt Course

The workshop is held 3 times a year.

For the next freed up from debt work shop date or to register email:


You can get out - and stay out - of debt!

Freed-Up from Debt is an all-inclusive, biblically based, two-session workshop that provides the tools necessary to get out—and stay out—of debt for a lifetime. More than just "how-to's", this plug-and-play resource helps you examine your heart and motivations around money and debt, while giving you the steps you need to take to get free from the emotional and spiritual bondage debt produces.

This Participant's Workbook, used with the companion Freed-Up from Debt Teaching DVD (sold separately), provides two hours of practical video-based material and hands-on activities.

Perfect for use by individuals, small groups or large groups, you will walk away with:

  • A biblical perspective on debt
  • A seven-step strategy for getting out of debt and staying out
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about practical debt management
  • Actions steps to immediately begin the journey towards freedom from debt

This participant's guide is for use by individuals working through the sessions on the Freed-Up from Debt Teaching DVD. Order one guide per participant.

Matt Bell, author of Money, Purpose, Joy and Money Strategies for Tough Times offers compelling teaching, based on proven principles and his own experience getting free from $20,000 in credit card debt.


Most people spend more money on haircuts or take away coffees a year than they do on financial education and then wonder why they are not successful, this workshop provides some basic keys to freedom from debt and the beginning of prosperity.

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